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Alpine Archery Micro Rotating Stalker 21-28"
(Camo Riser)

Item is available.

Hand Option
Draw Weight 30#,40#,50#


Mass Weight      3 pounds
Axle to Axle       32 inches
Brace Height      5.5 inches
Draw Weights     30, 40, 50 pounds
Draw lengths       21" through 28"
Cam                     Stalker Cam
IBO Speed           280 fps
Limb                     Bi-Flex composite limb
Cable Guard        Straight mounted carbon
Sight Window       5.5" single plane window
Pocket                  Pivoting Limb Mounting System
Riser Color        Realtree Hardwoods Green HD
Grip                      Two piece ABS panel grip
Let-off                  65% Standard

Alpine Micro...
The perfect performance bow for the ladies and young adults...

The 2007 Alpine Micro will not only meet, but will exceed the expectations of quality and performance that have been mounted on this gem of a bow. Refined for 2007 with rich, brown anodized components, a new riser design and impeccable film dip finish, the Alpine Micro boasts nothing less than quality.

Compared to the competition, there are no plastic components found here. Alpine Archery takes no short cuts. Both the limb pockets and cams are machined from 6061 aluminum. The Micro features a full 8 inches of draw length adjustment and peak weights that range from 30 to 50 pounds. Quality and performance on this little bow are paramount even for the young, at an amazing 280 fps IBO.

Try the Alpine Micro and you will be amazed at the scores that will be posted and the trophies that will be taken. If your concern is quality and performance, this little jewel is the perfect fit.

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