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Alpine Archery Advantage Rotating 1-Cam 26-30",
Optional Accessory Pack

Item available.

Hand Option
Draw Weight 50#,60#,70#


Mass weight      3.5 pounds
Axle to Axle      35 inches
Brace Height     7.25 inches
Draw Weight      50, 60, 70 pounds
Draw Lengths     26" through 30"
Cam                     Advantage One Cam
IBO Speed           300 fps
Limbs                  Bi-Flex composite limb, film dipped finish in Mossy Oak Break-Up
Cable Guard       Straight mounted carbon
Sight Window      5.5" single plane window
Pocket                 Pivoting Limb Mounting System
Riser Colors       Mossy Oak Break-Up
Grip                     Two piece ABS panel grip
Let-off                 80% Standard, optional 65%

Alpine Frontier
the best performance for your dollar...

The Alpine Frontier was first introduced in 2006 and quickly became a very popular bow in the Alpine line up. It is known for its high quality craftsmanship, awesome performance, and a very affordable price tag. This lightweight and reliable machined handle bow is fitted with machined aluminum components. There are no cut rate plastic cams or pockets to be found on this little performer. The Frontier sports an Alpine Advantage Once Cam that features and adjustable draw length and is finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up with accented brown hardware.

The price point, sharp look, comfortable feel, and precision craftsmanship have made the Alpine Frontier a desirable hunting partner. Each Alpine Frontier is set up at the factory with Alpine's own dampening accessories, making the Alpine Frontier as silent as a sniper.

The Frontier is available with a high quality accessory package making making this option the best bang for the buck. The Frontier Package includes Alpine's own vibration dampeners, Alpine Bear Claw 5 Arrow Quiver, Alpine Whisperflite Fall Away Arrow Rest, 5" Proflex Stabilizer, and a rugged Truglo fiber optic sight. Be assured that you WILL NOT find a finer bow and package for your dollar than the Alpine Frontier Bow Package.

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