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Alpine Archery Bearclaw 5 Arrow Quiver

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Quiver Color (4 available
Bear Claw Quiver, When you want the best on a budget...5 arrow version.

Cousin to the Soft Loc… The Alpine Bearclaw Quiver is a great, cost effective way to carry your arrows. The Bearclaw is designed to have more refined features than any other price point quiver available.
The Bear Claw Quiver is a universal quiver system designed with the treestand hunter in mind. With the Bear Claw you have a light weight, inexpensive quiver that easily detaches and will accept any common arrow size. The Bear Claw has a wide range of vertical adjustment, so you can move the quiver to avoid rest or sight conflicts. Conventional broadheads are no problem and the convenient pre-cut holes in the quiver foam allow you to use mechanical broadheads without the extra weight of an additional arrow gripper.
NEW GRIPPERS FOR 2007...The Bear Claw arrow grippers are now injection molded like the Soft Loc. Injection molding offers a lighter mass weight, better fit, and more consistent gripping of the arrows.
Available colors: Mossy Oak Break-Up Mossy Oak Obsession Realtree Hardwoods Green HD® Realtree Hardwoods HD® (Mathews)

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