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Denali Match Grade Rotating 1-Cam 26-30"

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Hand Option
Draw Weight

The Denali Match Grade...
Fully integrated accessories designed into the riser...

The Denali Match Grade is a twin to the Denali, only with the integrated accessory option. Alpine designed the Match Grade with a seperate riser component to allow the integration of a fall away arrow rest and sight instead of just bolting them on in a conventional manner. This integrated design assures a custom fit that will not vibrate loose.

The Match Grade option includes an Alpine Archery MR2 Stabilizer with Six Shooter Weight Technology and matching camo finish, the popular Alpine Whisperflite Fall Away Rest, and new for 2007, the Montana Black Gold Flashpoint Sight. This awesome sight allows you to see the fiber optic pins earlier and later than anyone else... Hunt harder, hunt longer, with the Alpine Archery Match Grade System.

Match Grade with integrated accessories and "Tundra VX Dampening Package," a $240.00 retail value, FREE on your new Denali

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