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The Denali Match Grade

Fully integrated accessories designed into
 the riser for perfect interaction with the bow...

Alpine Archery hit the ground running with the introduction of the innovative Tundra Series bows in 2005. For 2006, we have taken an aggressive approach to the Tundra Series and lightened them by over a half pound. Take a brief moment. Remeber your first experience with a fast sports car. At Alpine Archery, we are striving to match the feel, handling, and speed that you just imagined. Whether your imagination took you to a Chevy, Porsche or even a Ferrari. Complete control and responsiveness are paramount.

Why settle for anything less in your bow!

The racy lines, technical superiority, and powerful feel have made this bow a popular selection with hunters and tournament shooters around the globe. The multi-fabed riser design creates a rigid, yet refined shooting machine. The Alpine Denali is fitted with the tried and true VX Limb Mounting System, securing the precision split limbs into place. Unmatched fit and finish make the Alpine Denali as cool to look at as it is to shoot. Dominate the range and the field with this split limb performer.

The Alpine Denali Match Grade has the same intricate detail as the Alpine Denali, only we have integrated the Montana Black Gold Sight, Alpine MR2 Stabilizer and the Alpine Whisperflite Match Grade Fall Away Arrow Rest. This bow is a sure way to prepare for your hunt of a lifetime.

The Alpine Denali and Denali Match Grade come completely outfitted with the Alpine Pro Dampening System.
Match Grade with integrated accessorie and "Tundra VX Dampening Package," a $240.00 retail value, FREE on your new Denali Match Grade.
Mass weight:      4.2 pounds
Axle to Axle:      34 inches
Brace height:       7 inches
Draw weights:      60, 70 pounds
Draw lengths:       Fast Trac Ball Bearing 1-Cam: 26" through 30" in 1/2 inch increments
Limbs:                   Bi-flex composite limb, film dipped finish in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD
Cable Guard:         Straight mounted carbon
Sight Window:        8.25" single plane window
Pocket:                    Inter-loc Limb Mounting System
Riser Colors:         Realtree Hardwoods Green HD
Grip:                       One piece rose wood
Let-off:                    80% standard, optional 65%

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