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Denali Pro Competition 1-Cam 26-30" (Right Hand Only)

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Hand Option (Right Hand only)
Draw Weight and Color

Right Hand only

Considering the rave reviews of the 2005 Alpine Denali, we have gone a step further. For 2006, Alpine Archery is offering the Denali (Non-Match Grade) in Targer colors.

The Denali Pro-Comp is destined to not only be a "glitzy eye catcher," but is proven to be a success on the range. The speed, accuracy, and lightened mass weight are all key factors working in your favor. Whether you are shooting at the prize winning 12 ring or competing for a soda with your buddies, the Denali Pro-Comp is the right ticket.

David Powers, 6 time World IBO Champion, has been a world class competitor his entire life and he relies on Alpine's new Tundra Series bows for performance and accuracy to compete and win at the highest level, while being the sharpest looking pro on the range.

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