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Avalanche Fast Trac 1-Cam 25-29" (Right Hand Only)

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Right Hand Only

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Tundra Series Avalanche

Righthand draw only.

Reliability and performance are what the 2007 Alpine Archery Avalanche is all about.

First introduced in 2006, this bow quickly became an instant success. Based on the modular riser design, the Avalanche is as dependable as a Swiss watch. Constructed of muliple parts, this riser design is as rigid and rugged as they come. The Avalanche is fitted from top to bottom with Alpine's own vibration dampeners. Each riser is meticulously assembled using heat treated dowel pins for precision alignment and added strength. Rust free, zinc plated fasteners are then loc-tited and torque set into place. This, coupled with the rock solid, VX Limb Pocket Mounting System and parallel limb design, make this bow an absolute dream to shoot.

Boasting a shorter axle to axle length and brace height than its predecessor, the Alpine Denali, the Avalanche screams performance... Rated at 310 fps IBO, this tidy little rocket launcher will have you begging for time off work to shoot it. Year after yeah, season after season, you will not find a better fit for your bow case or treestand.

Our Tundra Series Avalanche comes standard with Alpine's "Tundra VX Dampening Package," a $40.00 retail value, FREE on your new Avalanche.

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