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Alpine Archery MR2 Stabilizer

The Alpine Archery stabilizer line is designed with every feature being a practical standard. The Pro Flex Stabilizers
dissipate more recoil than any other stabilizer in the industry today. The rubber body and ribbing are designed specifically to tame any of today’s most radical bows.

The MR Series Stabilizer’s function is recoil reduction and counterbalance. The “Six Shooter” head weight is designed to give you the ability to change the weight up to 2 oz. by adding or subtracting the 158 grain .357 slugs that are provided with the stabilizer. Using the Flex Coupler (licensed Doinker Technology), the MR stabilizers reduce recoil and keep vibrations to a minimum. The MR stabilizers are fitted with the Alpine exclusive Tactical Rubber Bra. This feature works as a dampener as well as protects the stabilizer from making noise when bumped in a treestand or in the brush. If noise and recoil are an issue, Alpine Archery Stabilizers are the answer.

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