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Soft Loc Quiver Compact Treestand Quiver

Compact Screw-in Soft Loc Quiver Mount

Secure your Soft Loc Quiver to a tree or your treestand with a flip of the wrist. The new Quiver Clip is a unique way, pioneered by Alpine Archery, to attach your Soft Loc Quiver to any tree or hard surface. The screw-in version of the Quiver mount has a sharp lag screw that tucks neatly into the body of the Quiver mount. This compact feature allows you to pack the Quiver mount in your pocket or any pouch of your hunting pack without injury or damage to your pack. The treestand mount has the same great quiver receiver, and can be attached to a hard surface or side rail of the treestand with zip tie straps. This too can be carried in a pocket or pouch easily.

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